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About us

Arkblu Capital is a private investment firm primarily focused on the venture capital asset class in Indonesia.

We primarily invest in the best early-stage companies (pre-seed to Series A) that are serving the rapidly growing middle class of Indonesia (total population of 270 million), with an initial investment amount of up to $US500,000.

We also invest in a select number of overseas companies that we believe have the potential to make a positive impact on the lives of everyday Indonesians.

We like founders with deep domain expertise and proven execution experience. We deploy private, strategic, patient capital.

The firm is led and supported by a dynamic team with several decades worth of experience building and launching B2C companies and market-leading consumer products in Indonesia.


D2C Retail

Digital & e-commerce native brands group

VR / SaaS / Property

VR solutions for architects


Mobile concierge and commerce platform


Boutique fitness studio and wellness platform

Social Commerce

Reseller platform

SME Tech

Digital solutions platform for traditional eateries


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Jakarta, Indonesia | Sydney, Australia

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